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Markup for general tourist experiences?

From: Hugo Scott <hugo@hugoscott.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 10:32:06 +0100
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Hi there
I've been asked to mark up a site that works in wine tourism and I think
for the standard wine tours (ie a trip around several wineries) I think I
can use "winery" and "TouristAttraction" for the individual wineries, and
"TouristTrip" for the tours, which are then brokered by the web site.

But I have a couple of question :

#1 : How would I make each "TouristAttraction" part of the overall
"TouristTrip" - is "subTrip" valid usage for this?

#2 : How would I mark up more general wine tourism experiences, such as
"how to saber champagne" or "A picnic in the vines"? (examples here
https://www.winalist.com/s/regions/champagne ) Is there are generic type
that would encompass all of those?

Thank you !

Hugo Scott
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