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Annotating terms of services

From: ALain <alain.couillault@apoliade.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2020 10:52:14 +0100
To: schema org Mailing List <public-schemaorg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <7d279c42-5b0c-80d2-a29d-95719df9fe9d@apoliade.com>
Hi all,

We have been working for a while on the description of legal documents 
such as Privacy Notices and Terms of Services. You will find more on our 
website here: http://www.legicrowd.org/.
We are currently working on some possible extension to schema.org: in 
short, to properly describe such pages, we need to add some generic 
types (for example LegalDocument) and types and properties which are 
more specific (like personal data related types).

You can find our work in progress at this page: 
http://www.legicrowd.org/schema/ and here 

So I have two questions:
1. the more the merrier! For each modification (proposed type or change 
in existing type), there is a forum for comments and discussions. Any 
feedback will be more than welcome!
2. I sort of read the schema.org website and I am not quite sure what 
the process is to propose extensions to the existing schema.org. Could 
anyone provide some 'enlightments'.

Happy annotating!

Dr Alain Couillault
LegiCrowd Projet Leader
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