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From: Thad Guidry <thadguidry@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2020 13:39:53 -0500
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Hi Team!

Attribution for Creative Works is often seen as a simple Text string.
Wikidata.org acknowledges this and so added a new property that holds the
value of an Attribution.


For those not familiar with what an Attribution itself typically looks like
in the wild...
It is credit, typically a Text string, given to an author which consists of
many elements.
It's often unstructured text or semi-structured text.

For example:
[image: image.png]

If we break down that text into structured elements, then the Attribution
text might hold:

1. A copyright (date typically, but other details as well sometimes)
2. A author/creator/copyright holder
3. A license
4. A disclaimer notice

If we map those elements into Schema.org we have:

1. https://schema.org/copyrightYear
2. https://schema.org/author OR https://schema.org/creator or
3. https://schema.org/license OR https://schema.org/acquireLicensePage
4. https://schema.org/usageInfo  (although no mention of disclaimer of
warranty within its existing definition, this is typically implied with
usageInfo.  However, 'disclaimer of warranties' could be added to the
description of usageInfo for better alignment)

We can then see how we also could introduce a new Attribution Type into
Schema.org vocabulary that could be used on a CreativeWork via a new
property introduced.  The proposed new property 'attribution' could expect
a simple Text string, or an Attribution made up of those listed elements.

Further examples of Attribution elements can be seen at

I'm most interested in seeing a new 'attribution' property expecting Text
on a CreativeWork.
But further discussion on a new Attribution Type would also be encouraged
to fill out our Schema.org hierarchy



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