301 Redirects to prevent some breakage in Linked Data

*Problem: *"URL" versus "Url" is showing up in the wild west of our Linked
Data web.
Some properties, because of strict naming conventions we have, currently
cause some breakage across the Linked Data web (but how much is anyone's

It seems there's a few Properties might be best served with a 301 Redirect ?

https://schema.org/thumbnailURL  -->  https://schema.org/thumbnailUrl
http://schema.org/contentURL  -->  http://schema.org/contentUrl
http://schema.org/discussionURL  -->  http://schema.org/discussionUrl
http://schema.org/downloadURL  -->  http://schema.org/downloadUrl
http://schema.org/embedURL  -->  http://schema.org/embedUrl
http://schema.org/installURL -->  http://schema.org/installUrl
http://schema.org/isBasedOnURL  -->  http://schema.org/isBasedOnUrl
http://schema.org/paymentURL  -->   http://schema.org/paymentUrl
http://schema.org/replyToURL  -->   http://schema.org/replyToUrl
http://schema.org/serviceURL  -->   http://schema.org/serviceUrl
http://schema.org/targetURL -->   http://schema.org/targetUrl
http://schema.org/trackingURL  -->   http://schema.org/trackingUrl

1. Could 301 Redirects be implemented for a few items on Schema.org?

2. Should 301 Redirects be implemented ?

   - Maybe this makes developers and publishers too lazy?
   - Maybe it helps consumers more, (things not breaking as often) and
   that's good for all?
   - How do others feel about that?


Received on Wednesday, 29 April 2020 15:26:49 UTC