[ANN] Japan Search metadata portal launched with 700M triples RDF

Dear all,

Happy to announce the launch of Japan Search[1] on behalf of the
development team. It is Japan's national metadata portal that has
about 17 million items aggregated from some 40 data sources, ranging
from libraries, archives, museums to anime and broadcasting programs.

It also provides linked data as well as SPARQL endpoint[2] with 700M
triples RDF. The data model uses schema.org properties for basic
description, and its own vocabulary to express structured description.

Varied source data properties are mapped to basic categories of when,
where, who and what, each of which is expressed by a combination of
schema.org and own property (e.g. schema:temporal has normalized
value, and jps:temporal has a structure which contains both original
value and normalized value plus some additional hints).

This makes simple finding tasks easier (via schema.org props) while
retains original details for content selection and identifying (in
structure node). Access information e.g. content holder's location or
web pages are placed in jps:accessInfo node, and source information
e.g. aggregator or original data are in jps:sourceInfo node. ShExC
description is also available[3].

For the easy access, it employs an extended version of Snorql UI[4],
and provides EasySPARQL, a REST API like query wrapper. Please find
Japan Search useful to explore wide range of Japan related contents.

As a personal comment, I prepared unofficial Japan Search support
pages[5], which includes English introduction to RDF data model /
SPARQL endpoint / EasySPARQL, and index of normalized names (creators
list), etc.


[1] https://jpsearch.go.jp
[2] https://jpsearch.go.jp/rdf/sparql
[3] https://jpsearch.go.jp/api/jps.shex
[4] https://jpsearch.go.jp/rdf/sparql/easy/
[5] https://www.kanzaki.com/works/ld/jpsearch/

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