Re: Talent marketplace signaling and JobPostings

On 26/02/2019 15:46, Dan Brickley wrote:
> Thanks for keeping us posted, Phil. Could you clarify a little on the 
> expected relationship between JDX (seemingly a US-oriented effort), 
> the TalentSignal CG, and initiatives from elsewhere in the world. 
> Should non-US experts (e.g. things like ESCO, 
> liaise directly with JDX or is 
> the expectation to use the new W3C forum for those interactions? Is 
> the TalentSignal CG itself internationally oriented or focussed on the US?

Yes, you're right that the JDX work is US based, though I would 
emphasise that the people involved try not to be exclusively US centric. 
The hope is that the W3C Talent Signal group will widen the group of 
people involved, and that non-US organisations will join. Whether they 
should liaise directly with JDX as well would depend on to what degree 
they wanted a bilateral arrangement compared to a wider common framework.

> and and 
> many of the other stakeholders around JDX naturally take a more global 
> perspective so I don't want to over-state the issue, but it would be 
> good to understand your approach. It would be also be particularly 
> good to have explicit engagement with any parties *consuming* 
> JobPosting markup, as well as those publishing it...




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