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Asking for general guidelines/opions about use
on this



I'm Quico from Spain

I'm part of some social iniciatives, a small engineering company, and also
work for public administration. Among the things I like are data, open
source and self-paced contributing.

During some time I was trying to make happen a kind of Wikipedia of
Objects, where all product data were structured, open and free avaliable.

First attemp was set with a friend an old pc cluster running apache
cassandra to relate items in RDF style in 2012, what was a complete

After discover Wikidata I felt that something like a Wikipedia of Objects
should run over Wikidata for a lot of reasons: same philosophy,
infraestructure ready, not reinventing wheel, etc ... so I started to make
proof of concepts on wikidata, here an example:

everything is explaneid here:

Then I re-discover and Extensions make me start questioning that
could be good to define specific vocabaries/extensions for each type of
object, like LED Lamps <>
with their own properties (Luminous intensity
<>) so people could start
sharing objects information as


Received on Wednesday, 21 March 2018 21:26:45 UTC