JSON-LD context file and identifier IRIs


Maybe I should ask this to the JSON-LD community, but I'll give it a try
here too since it is also related.

I am trying to convert some annotations in JSON-LD format to
N-QUADS by using the java implementation of JSON-LD processor.

JSON-LD processor needs to expand the annotation first, which requires
the context definition.

The "menu" as well as  the "hasMenu" property has @type = @id
definitions, which tells the processor to convert the value to an IRI.
However, these properties can also have Text values, so if the
annotation has just a plain text value for these properties, converting
them to IRIs would be wrong.

 So far I have been modifying the context file that I cached so it
produces string representation no matter what the value is.  Is there a
way to solve this problem?

Many thanks


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Received on Friday, 6 October 2017 12:23:48 UTC