Re: Proper labeling of a Matroska file

On Wed, 29 Nov 2017 17:51:13 -0800, Alice Wonder <> wrote:
> Matroska audio that has three streams: AAC, Opus, and SRT
> The question I have relates to how to properly add structured data for 
> the encodingFormat.
> Is this json-ld kosher?
> {"@type":"AudioObject",

You'll want to add also at the top:


Then you can test it at

See "N-Quads" or "Compacted" and make sure all your properties are
represented as you intend.
Not sure what is the proper use of encodingFormat here - as you
indirectly point out Matroska is really a container format of multiple encoded
streams (possibly in several encoding formats).

Yet also lists "mpeg4" as example,
which is also a container format like Matroska..

As encodingFormat just takes any text - then are there any convention
on how to name these formats? You used "AAC", "Matroska" etc, but the 
examples on are just lowercase strings. 

This hints to me that there is basically no semantics expected here, so
my opinionated feeling is that listing all of your formats (both
container and embedded) are OK :)

Stian Soiland-Reyes
The University of Manchester

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