Property for available but not necessarily present?

On an audio site I run, some pages give users access to many audios but 
only one audio node is present at a time.

 From a select menu, the user can choose a different audio.

If from same artist, javascript can change the audio node w/o needing to 
make an AJAX request. If by different artist, then an AJAX request is 
needed to get bio information, artist picture, links, etc.

I want to list each audio available from a page in JSON-LD using an 
AudioObject but I read Google will dock a site for describing object not 
in the page.

Is there a property that can added to an AudioObject that tells search 
engines and other scrapers that the object is available on that page but 
requires user action to access? That way search engines could know they 
shouldn't expect to find companion html for the object in the static 
instance of the html they downloaded.

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Received on Saturday, 22 July 2017 15:09:58 UTC