AudioObject improvements

Hello List,

I am new to JSON-LD and the shcemas it uses, so maybe I am not 
understanding something.

There are two areas where I think the AudioObject schema could be improved:

A) HTML5 audio supports multiple source node childs. This usually is 
used for different encodings of the same audio.

While I can use an array for contentURL and an array for encodingFormat 
and that seems to work, I see now way to tie a specific encodingFormat 
to a specific contentUrl.

It would seem advantageous to me to have a MediaFile type or whatever 
that can be an object pointing to a specific file and include details 
about the specific file including contentUrl, encodingFormat, etc. that 
may differ between multiple different files of the same audio.

B) HTML5 audio (and video) support a track element. I seem to find no 
way to specify the track element(s) via AudioObject.

Such an object should be available to AudioObject. It should include the 
mime of the track (e.g. text/webvtt), the language of the track (BP47), 
and the type of track (e.g. captions vs subtitles vs chapters)

Possibly also support crediting who made the track file, as it often 
differs from who made the audio/video.

Thank you for your time,

Alice Wonder

Received on Friday, 21 July 2017 15:53:29 UTC