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On 1/14/17 10:42 PM, Xavier Gonsalves wrote:
> Many have talked and requested about this but w3 seems to avoid it.

I brought it up here ages ago, but didn't really see any interest.

> Schema should add more properties under restaurant menus like dish
> price, cuisine, spiciness, dish name, ingredients, veg, nonveg, vegan
> category, description .etc..

The complexity seems unwarranted. There is little to no interest in what 
is already there.

As is so often the case, seems intent on creating terribly 
complex schemas, in the hopeless quest to account for every conceivable 
use case, no matter how edge it is.


A shame, because it means restaurants are forced to break the DRY 
principle, and publish their menus on their own website, plus /pay/ some 
third party site to publish the same data, just to get it searchable by 

I'm using Product markup on one site:

but it's largely ignored, since it's just a list of products with no 
parent label.

Here are links I posted when I first brought up the idea of a menu schema.

A simple menu:

Same menu with simple schema using microdata:

Same menu with same schema using rdfa:

Frankly, I think even this is overly complicated, and unlikely to get 
any significant adoption.

Brian Tremblay

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