Re:, Enumerations and Wikidata proposal

Liking this very practical linkage.

Implementation question - would the url

   1. Redirect to the relevant Wikidata page (
   2. Resolve to a branded html page populated by data imported
   from Wikidata, with embedded that looks something like this:

   1. <script type="application/ld+json">
   2. {
   3.     "@context": "",
   4.     “@type": "Country",
   5.     “name”: "Mexico",
   6.     “sameAs": ""
   7. }



Richard Wallis
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On 11 April 2017 at 17:16, R.V.Guha <> wrote:

> There are many 'lists' or 'enumerations' (such as the list of countries,
> languages, ...). Often, markup wants to refer to items from such lists.
> Since we have the corresponding types, pages can refer to them via
> descriptions (e.g., 'a country with the name xxx'). It would be useful to
> have canonical lists of urls for items on these lists to help with
> reconciliation, etc.
>  The proposal is to periodically (with every release) import
> particular lists from Wikidata into ''. So, '
> <>',
> ' <>',
> etc. Along with each item (such as, we
> should also import a set of attributes/relations from Wikidata so that we
> have a description of the node, which can help with recon using reference
> by description. It will also include a sameAs link to the corresponding
> Wikidata item.
> will also suggest the use of Wikidata as a common, canonical
> entity repository for targets of the sameAs relation.
> Denny & Guha

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