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Thank you for all your ideas about my question. And please excuse my poor


The point is that when a theatre group creates a play, they know who will do
what. They used to credit each person who do something in the creation
process (director, actors, technicians, …).


When the play is created, they need to present it, specially on the
Internet. Then, some pages are built just to present the creation, without
any reference to a special event. Just saying what is the title, the story,
who worked on it, etc…


For this reason, it can’t be included in an event.


As said Richard, it’s important to separate event aspects from the creative
aspects. I’m talking of creative aspects only, this is the point.


As I saw, there are many creativework sub categories in relation with
internet or book, or tv, … but not many about stage work (theatre or dance
or pantomime or music, …).


My question is on this point.


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