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Is there any reason why each organisation can't be identified by an URL like

In which case it is just a regular identifier and works with schema:sameAs
of a schema:Organization.

At some point you may choose to have a page per organisation anyway, and
you could include annotations on that page. (Or serve alternate
representations like application/ld+json)
On 3 Mar 2016 08:17, "Chad McEvoy" <> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Thanks for adding me to your list.  The BRIDGE project is an effort to
> uniquely identify as many of the worlds social sector entities as possible
> and has recently launched it's public look up tool.  You can check it out
> and learn more here:
> Integral to this database is the 10 digit BRIDGE Number which is a unique
> identifier.  There has been talk amongst the founding partners and funders
> about adding this to  Please forgive my ignorance here--but
> can anyone help me understand the process for doing that?  And my apologies
> if I am using the wrong terminology here.
> Regards,
> Chad

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