Itemref on parent entities within the same scope should not inherit itemprop value of the target

Hello fellow professionals,

I’d like to present something sort of a problem and a possible suggestion
concerning the usage of itemref.

It seems as itemref is intended to be used primarily for referencing
entities that are not descendants of the parent scope. There is also the
common case where a property is needed to reference an entity higher in
it’s own dom hierarchy but still be inside the same parent item scope.

When doing so, the property using itemref will use the target entity but is
restricted to use any itemprop that was designated on its itemscope level
as well - which would not always be right for its case.

I believe that the property (itemref caller) should be able to call just
the itemref target without inheriting the itemprops designated on that


Alexandros Zepidis

Received on Thursday, 28 May 2015 20:49:53 UTC