vocabulary for legal decisions (e.g., Supreme Court cases)

It would be nice if we could provide markup about legal decisions in
schema.org--for example,


One challenge for modeling this domain is coming up with a model that
accommodates different types of courts internationally. It may be easier to
develop a model for US legal decisions first and then expand it later or
create other types for non-US courts.

With that in mind, I would propose the type USLegalDecision with the
following properties:

name: the name of the decision (for Supreme Court cases, usually something
like "X v Y")
court: the court where the decision was made (e.g., Supreme Court)
country:the country where the decision applies
whenArgued: the date on which arguments
whenDecided: the date on which the decision was rendered
citation: the case citation for the decision
courtAppealedFrom: which court the case was appealed from (optional since
some cases low-level courts aren't appealed from another court) [note:
optional given that a decision in a lower court won't be appealed from
another court]

So, using the Citizens United example, here's what the values might look

name: "Citizens United versus FEC"
court: "Supreme Court"
country: "USA"
whenArgued: [ "March 24, 2009", "September 9, 2009" ]
whenDecided: "January 21, 2010"
citation: "Citizens United v. Federal Election Comm'n, (558 U.S. ___
(2010); Docket No. 08-205)"
courtAppealedFrom: "United States District Court for the District of

There are some additional properties to consider, such as the following:


Thoughts on the general modeling issues here and feedback on the specific
proposal would be greatly appreciated.

Stuart Robinson

Received on Friday, 22 May 2015 12:43:52 UTC