Re: Approaching "we think we're done" for sdo-gozer release aka v2.0: please review

Ok, thanks everyone. The sdo-gozer branch has just gone out as a
" 2.0" release.

There are certainly a few rough edges here and there, and I hope to
push out a few more software-only fixes over the next week, but this
release represents a lot of work from many contributors and
significant progress. Coupled with the earlier cleanup in our last few
releases I think it is well worth the '2.0' name. Many thanks to
everyone who has been part of this!

The site also now includes a "versioned snapshot" URL structure - e.g.    The actual content of the versioned
release snapshot is generated automatically from a frozen snapshot of
the canonical RDFS-based triples representation that we use to
generate the site (available in RDFa and N-Triple RDFS downloads). The
actual content of the human-oriented document is (as you might
imagine) rather unwieldy given the size of our schemas, and we can
certainly work to improve its navigation and layout. But it gives a
clear URL that can be cited for each new release (and we can back-fill
it with old releases too). As usual, a detailed list of the schema
changes in this release is available from (the /version/ link is also linked
from the table entry there).

The next big thing on our horizon is rolling out the extensions
mechanism via some specific actual extensions. Most of the
infrastructure to achieve this (for extensions) is
included in today's release. However the social and workflow side of
these extensions needs some attention too. We have a solid draft of
the bib: extension in
as well as a number of additional Automotive terms nearby which will
add even more expressivity around cars and other vehicles. In both
cases the extension work has its own W3C Community Group: needs no introduction, as it
has been the home to data discussions
for a long while. They are now joined by - the Automotive Ontology CG. This
seems a healthy structure for vocabulary collaboration at W3C, at
least as it relates to We have this new Community Group
for, for various topic-specific groups (who may or may not
contribute terms into core and extension); and we retain
the public-vocabs list within the Semantic Web Interest Group
( for broader
conversations about how all these things fit into a wider landscape.

Administrivia: I've merged sdo-gozer branch into 'master' (the GitHub
branch we serve the site from). The next release is named sdo-ganymede
(since the Ghostbusters thing wasn't funny any more). I've flipped the
default GitHub branch to be ganymede, and pushed a trivial update to - this is where we'll start sketching
out the next release...

Thanks again all,



Received on Wednesday, 13 May 2015 21:29:12 UTC