Shipping v2.1 (sdo-ganymede) CG,

We haven't released a new version since 2 months ago.
Meanwhile the sdo-ganymede branch has collected a reasonable number of
improvements which would be doing a lot more good published properly
at rather than waiting in the queue. has the
list of changes currently commited to the repo for the release
codenamed 'ganymede'. I suggest we aim to push this out early next
week as v2.1, and continue with a fresh branch for anything we can't
agree in the next 2-3 days.

Therefore please see the issue tracker (and pull requests) for the
many issues we have floating around and try to identify any you think
we can squeeze into a release next week.

My personal "let's fix this please" priority is to slim down the
mainEntityOfPage documentation as it is filling each page on the site
with too much background text. I'll work a proposal for fixing that
via asap.

List of 'vocab'-labelled issues tagged for (potential) Ganymede release.

Please take a look and share your "let's fix this bit quickly first"
wishlists asap.



Received on Monday, 13 July 2015 15:05:15 UTC