Re: Proposal: series of "Advanced Use" articles

On 10 April 2015 at 17:45, Paul Watson <> wrote:
> I'm glad that proposal received such a positive response!
> Just thinking about the mechanics of it, since the content of the main
> domain needs to be deployed from github, it may be easier to set
> up a new subdomain (, add a CMS (Drupal?), and
> then control the publishing of tutorials through the CMS rather than having
> them dependent on release deployments to the main domain. Any
> existing tutorials linked from could
> be re-keyed into the CMS on the subdomain, and 301 redirects set up.

Thanks for starting this discussion! I'd suggest that W3C's Community
Group machinery, which is built on top of Wordpress, ought to be a
reasonable place to start, with simple links from /docs/documents.html
being a reasonable start.

If you log into with your w3c
account info you should see (from the discreet menu bar at top of
page) that it is all based on Wordpress, so there is a button there
for 'new post', 'new page'. Let's collect questions/topics in Github
as issues and to the extent that there is actually any consensus on
the answers, that should provide raw materials for getting written up.

So what topics do folk here think deserve coverage, beyond the basic
'getting started' guides that already exist?


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