Re: Proposal: series of "Advanced Use" articles

Big +1 to your proposal Paul.  And thanks for the URLs Martin and Dan, I
look forward to checking these out.

I'm enthusiastic about a locus *on *the site where articles and
tutorials both because it's the likeliest place a would-be implementer is
going to turn for that information, and because other sources of
information about and its supporting syntaxes can be extremely
difficult to find (try uncovering a source about the use of itemref in the context that's coherent) or inaccurate.

Alas, proliferate in that last category are articles written by SEOs -
which, unsurprisingly, are also often those likeliest to surface as in
response to long-tail queries on subjects.  Those resources that
are inaccurate aren't willfully so, it's just that is a pretty
difficult thing for marketers.  But it's exactly because search marketers
are among the biggest advocates and de facto implementation leads for
structured data that quality information for them on the site
would be such a benefit.

On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 6:56 AM, Dan Scott <> wrote:

> On the RDFa + front, I put together a set of progressively
> complex self-guided tutorials ("codelabs") for SWIB 14 late last year;
> they're part of
> While the exercises are focused on on a library audience, the principles
> are broadly applicable and move from simple pure-literal structured data
> with lots of blank nodes up to rich linked data.
> I've licensed the content as CC-BY-SA 4.0 so perhaps it's at least
> potential source material?
> Dan Scott
> Laurentian University
> On Fri, 10 Apr 2015 at 03:05 Paul Watson <>
> wrote:
>> Hi
>> Having been on the public-vocabs list for a couple of years (and now on
>> this list) I've learnt a huge amount about (and RDFa and
>> Microdata) that's simply not covered in the run-of-the-mill basic
>> tutorials around the web (which are primarily concerned with SEO) or in
>> the examples on
>> What I'd like to propose is that those with a great deal of this
>> knowledge write some "advanced/intermediate" articles to be published on
>> . These would be tutorials that go
>> into more detail than the basic "here's how to mark up a simple
>> product/article/etc.".
>> I don't know if there's an appetite to write these, but I do believe
>> that there's an appetite to read them, and they would be a fantastic
>> resource for publishers, and would help increase the use of
>> Regards,
>> Paul

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