Quins --> @ledger ??

I've been doing some work on figuring out an RDF discovery protocol in
relation to schema-gen[1].

Plan / hope is to figure out a method that will mean providers of 'stuff'
can advertise, that can be indexed somehow and that the indexing method is
delivered in a way that can be queried, decentralised, stored, etc.

Concept thereafter is that this is kinda like replacing robots.txt or

Websites generally have primary purpose, as is increasingly defined by the
range of extensions available.  Yet, if site-servers were to have some sort
of mechanism to advertise themselves as part of some sort of
decentralised-ledger (discovery method / protocol, that includes 'append'
or similar); then that is the underlying context of a ".rdf" upgrade.

At the moment,

json-ld contains a @context method to provide the means to illustrate a
documents contents refers to a particular ontological definition.

What is json-ld contained a @ledger (or whatever) to direct that the site
should be added to whatever decentralised ledger is used for that type of
offer / website.

- software
- data tool (ie: ckan / datahub / wikidata)
- sparql endpoint
- blog
- news
- sns
- personal Website
- banking website
- Search Website
- etc.

this idea would likely make more sense with the use of an agent in relation
to the server of the offer to add the information based on the @ledger
context.  noting also, that this may well contain information about
reputation via either an incorporated or independent graph, that could
in-turn sort those who are bad actors (ie: spam) vs. others (which in-turn
could be supported via browser plugin for instance).

Thoughts?  Am i making this too hard?

The underlying consideration is that whilst the RDF document states that it
should be read in relation to x ontological framework, it does not declare
at present; that it is directed to be indexed as part of the 'web of data'
offerings in which the context then isolates what it is suggesting to be an
additional source of information for the web.

therefore perhaps rather than blockchains - we could do Quins (ie: Triples,
Quads, Quins).  the additional information being a means to identify which
to add to a decentralised index and which not to add, as to segment down
the total filesize for any-such indexing as a facet that may also includes
concepts such as language, etc.


[1] https://www.w3.org/community/schema-gen/

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