Project Proposal

Hi All,

I'm proposing we look into figuring out how to make existing projects &
tools discoverable.  It has been my experience that many are not aware of
existing tooling, projects and other aspects to RDF and that solving this
initial problem may help with on-boarding others to produce better tools.

We would also benefit from having a common understanding of what does
exist, so that we can either contribute to existing works or produce new

I've started writing a document[1] with my thoughts on how we might go
about this, which incorporates also a spreadsheet i've started putting
together that is both assisting with defining an ontology that may be used
for decentralised project notifications (and discovery) in addition to
simply producing a basic list of tools that exist.

Contributions are welcomed.




Received on Saturday, 18 February 2017 02:17:01 UTC