Re: Course, a new dawn?

OK, taking Richard's advice about to put ontological purity to one side 
in favour of pragmatism I have added an example of a self paced course 
with no events but different modes to  the end of

I think this will work.


On 02/03/2016 14:50, Phil Barker wrote:
> I have a class of examples that I would like to test this model with. 
> They are self-paced courses delivered online or by other distance 
> learning means. Examples include
> Basic proof reading course available online or posted:
> online courses
> These have no start or end date or location, so can't really be viewed 
> as any type of event, but they do have a particular mode of delivery 
> or study, which currently is a defining feature of a CourseInstance. 
> The price depends on the mode of delivery. I would be loath to create 
> distinct courses for different modes of delivery (e.g. the online & 
> posted options of the proof reading course)
> Any thoughts?
> Phil
> On 29/02/16 17:12, Phil Barker wrote:
>> There is a mock up of Vicki's proposal (as I understand it) at
>> If you scroll right down to the bottom there are a couple of examples 
>> as Google testing tool output (more or less human readable) and RDFa.
>> Are we happy to proceed with this as a general approach?
>> Phil
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