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Hello all, one last call for feedback on this (sorry I left it hanging earlier in the summer, if you really have the time you can review the discussion at


In short I propose:

1. that we provide a property of course which can be used to point to an educational credential that may be available to those who complete a course.

2. that the expected type for this property be Text or Thing until such time as a specific model for educational credentials be created

3.  that we do not attempt to model educational credentials as part of this work.

It is on point 3 that I would most welcome feedback.


for details

Brief Rational: the ability to provide a name and a URI for and educational credential which may be obtained by successful completion of the course is enough fulfil the use case requirement of being able to find courses that offer some specific requirement; modelling educational credentials would divert us from completing what is necessary to fulfil the other use cases; and, educational credentials touch on many communities that are not well represented in this group.

Comments / feedback / dissent?


On 22/06/2016 11:20, Phil Barker wrote:
> I have drafted a description and a couple of examples based on the 
> proposal below.
> See wiki

> _qualification_offered
> and test course.schema site


> arded
> Any further comments/amendments?
> Phil
> On 20/06/16 14:05, Phil Barker wrote:
>> OK. As property name I am going to suggest 
>> educationalCredentialAwarded because we might in the future want 
>> EducationalCredential as a class name.
>> So, my proposal is that in order to meet the use case that people can 
>> search for courses that offers a qualification the searcher would 
>> like to acquire we create a new property
>> educationalCredentialAwarded domain Course, range Text or Thing.
>> Definition: a description of the qualification, award, certificate, 
>> diploma or other educational credential awarded as a consequence of 
>> successful completion of this course.
>> When the educational credentials/verifiable claims community have 
>> sorted out how they want to describe their domain in then 
>> I hope we will have some more specific schema type(s) that we can 
>> point to, but for now this seems to me to be good enough to solve the 
>> use case. Solving the bigger issue seems beyond the scope of this 
>> community group.
>> Phil

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