Re: CourseInstance : MaximumCapacity ?

Hello all.
I think I can see a place for both the status (open/full etc.) and the 
size of the course instance. I think it does make a difference to know 
whether you will be taught in a small group (~10) or a massive cohort 

It also strikes me that neither of these are specific to course 
instances, i.e. they would apply to any type of Event. I don't see 
anything under Event at the moment which fits the bill.  There is which can be used for showing whether 
the event is cancelled, postponed, rescheduled or scheduled: close but 
not the the right values. Other than that there is, as part of Offer, which includes SoldOut, but seems more 
geared to physical items. I don't see anything for event capacity except 
maybe the property of Offer.

I am inclined to think that we need one new property eventCapacity (or 
just capacity if it is to be specific to courses), and an extension to


On 09/04/2016 20:13, Developer, SleepingDog wrote:
> We have used/displayed course instance status values of:
> open (applications accepted, course instance not reached maximum capacity)
> full (course instance has reached maximum, no further applications accepted)
> waiting list (places available only if others drop out, which was reasonably common, applications still accepted)
> closed (no applications accepted, existing applications voided, which I think happened if course target numbers for viability were not reached)
> Perhaps from a user (applicant, searcher) viewpoint, it is not the numerical value, but the application status of the course instance that is most significant?
> We did have the notion of showing a ‘fullness’ gauge, so that people might have more information to decide whether to apply now or decide later, which would have been based on a numerical calculation, but never put this into practice.
> Does the number of fellow students have a particular value to course instance applicants beyond this?
> Tavis
>> On 01 Apr 2016, at 13:54, Jim Goodell <> wrote:
>> A member of the CEDS community suggested a new element for the capacity of a CourseInstance. I’m wondering if there is value for this in schema and I so where it would go.
>> Course Section Maximum Capacity — The maximum number of students the Course Section Instance can maintain.
>> jim

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