Re: CourseInstance : MaximumCapacity ?

We have used/displayed course instance status values of:

open (applications accepted, course instance not reached maximum capacity)
full (course instance has reached maximum, no further applications accepted)
waiting list (places available only if others drop out, which was reasonably common, applications still accepted)
closed (no applications accepted, existing applications voided, which I think happened if course target numbers for viability were not reached)

Perhaps from a user (applicant, searcher) viewpoint, it is not the numerical value, but the application status of the course instance that is most significant?

We did have the notion of showing a ‘fullness’ gauge, so that people might have more information to decide whether to apply now or decide later, which would have been based on a numerical calculation, but never put this into practice.

Does the number of fellow students have a particular value to course instance applicants beyond this?


> On 01 Apr 2016, at 13:54, Jim Goodell <> wrote:
> A member of the CEDS community suggested a new element for the capacity of a CourseInstance. I’m wondering if there is value for this in schema and I so where it would go.
> Course Section Maximum Capacity — The maximum number of students the Course Section Instance can maintain.
> jim

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