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Re: "Team" members wanted

From: Sebastian Samaruga <ssamarug@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2017 08:17:36 -0300
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Just if someone wants to follow with this thread, this time not talking
about languages (it will be Java) but frameworks and implementation
patterns (my idea is that there should be a 'container' for SW applications
as there are application servers for Document Web and I'll try to depict
this in this document), plus a couple of 'semantic' algorithms for
alignment and reasoning I didn't have time yet to test completely.


Sebastián Samaruga

On Oct 27, 2017 12:26 PM, "Sebastian Samaruga" <ssamarug@gmail.com> wrote:

Team members wanted (for a project that doesn't yet exist):

Hi, I'm just creating 'CognescentBI' as an organization into GitHub for
initially hosting the proyect 'BISemantics' where I'll be pushing all the
development efforts regarding a Business Integration platform for the Web
of Data.


I'm looking for collaborators, members, contributors and comments of all
kind and sources.

Please watch for updates or follow:

>From Blogspot there will be accessible a forum group link and Twitter
updates from which to keep updated.

For being honest, I already have no code at all. The whole project is
planned to be implemented in Java and with a strong 'semantics'
orientation. For now all I have is a bunch of Word documents specifying
what's my 'vision' of a Semantic Web of Data.

So please be patient. I'm trying to take this very slowly doing as much
analysis and design as posible before actually implementing anything.

So, if you dare, try to skim through the document files in the repo and,
reading between lines, try to figure out what are the ingredients I'll try
to mix up.

I now it's cumbersome for someone to be asked to figure out what others
(example: me) are trying to mean when stating something. That's my main
problem when I think something I wrote is worthwhile to share with the
world and I think it will be evident for others to realize what's my point.

That's why I'm going 'social' into development. It's evident for me I'm
needing to be clear in the most possible ways and that comments from peers
are the only way to find out where I must turn out to achieve this.

Best Regards,

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