Decentralised Web - Melbourne, Australia - Interest Group

Hi All,

Australia’s been a difficult space to contribute to much of this work, especially given timezone difficulties.  I’ve recently moved back to Melbourne and have been swamped with interest, as i begin to goto the traditional start-up groups, etc. talking briefly about the work we’re all so passionate about.

So, I decided to set-up a ‘Meetup Group’ 

In the way these groups work - a section exists called ‘sponsors’.  I figured many of your might have a logo, link, some basic info you could provide - which in-turn helps newbies identify what’s going on in the world, and how they may pursue the interest overtime.

I’m also quite interested in the idea of facilitating international video conferencing sessions with various experts / subject matter experts in various fields. 

So, as much as i hope you don’t mind the request - i’m hoping you can respond to me directly - with some info, should you wish your company to be listed as a ‘sponsor' to the group. 


Timothy Holborn
+61 4 13 837 492
Skype: sailing_digital

Received on Friday, 18 July 2014 12:02:41 UTC