Re: Turtle and JSON-LD Matter

On 7/16/14 10:23 AM, Ruben Verborgh wrote:
> Hi Kingsley,
>> >Is there any reason why Turtle and JSON-LD cannot be on equal 
>> footing in regards to the WebID spec?
>> >
>> >There's no reason why WebID-Profile documents MUST be comprised of 
>> RDF content in Turtle Notation.
> In general, several W3C specs demand the presence of a specific RDF 
> representation.
> (Linked Data Platform, R2RML, …)
> Seems indeed quite contradictory… why did we invent RDF in the first 
> place?:-)

Exactly the question that hits me in the head every time I look at an 
RDF language (system of signs, syntax, and semantics) based spec that 
prefers a specific notation via MUST.

> On the other hand, I see some necessity for interoperability, but still…

Interoperability isn't lost via Turtle and JSON-LD support in WebID-* .  
In fact, we increase interoperability via proper use of RDF and AWWW


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