Re: writes from Cimba to is certainly evidence that it "works for deiu"..

and probably any other user of of course, i want to know exactly what's required for all of this RWW thing to work. so had to write a webserver from scratch, and it's been a constant tweaking of things here and there since - ok, text/turtle posts weren't accepted.. ok OPTIONS wasn't saying this or that. ok a CORS header for * didnt' exist - but now we're in a credentialed scenario so it has to be the exact domain - or something - cue reading 12 more spec docs, gold source, mitmproxy of https:// sessions to with custom-imported snakeoil certificates..

furthest i can get using 'Creating...' on a 'microblog space' just hangs, with either a 200 or 400:

creating mb w/ #storage set to

POSTs a 0byte text/turtle -> 200 OK, blank "RDF file" appears in

#storage set to throws the aforementioned 400:
<h1>400 Bad Request</h1>
<p>Cannot read from a directory '/mnt/md1/srv/src/'</p>

which looks like it's trying to read a file using a directory path

probably should just try, but it's no fun just duplicating the exact environment when interoperable implementations are the goal. but had to use chrome - seems like Angular.JS is broken in Firefox-28. getting uncompiled {{}} handlebar.js-looking templates mixed into a semiworking UI along with all sorts of exotic-sounding errors with strange-looking operators like //# or //@

unclear on exactly what's different between and - clearly they are different, eg:
p ~ curl -I
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
p ~ curl -I
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

'datawiki' scripts from 2008 also did 200 on every nonexistent but creatable resource

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