Using multiple protocols and identifiers for authentication and resource access


Here is a simple (silent) screencast that demonstrates how a system can 
combine the features of OpenID, OAuth, Persona (but not covered in this 
demo), and WebID en rotue to providing read-write access to protected 
resources published to an HTTP network such as the World Wide Web.

The screencast covers:

1. Associating 3rd party accounts with an ODS account -- note accounts 
can also be automatically created via WebID, OpenID, Persona, OAuth etc..
2. Resource Access control scoped to specific identifiers for Agents or 

What happens:

1. I login to ODS using WebID -- since my ODS account is associated with 
one of my WebIDs
2. I connect my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts via the ODS 
Profile UI for 3rd party account binding
3. I use the ODS-Briefcase UI to provide access to setup resource ACLs
4. Access the protected resource.

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