Re: Self-maintained semantic blogging platform

On Thursday 6. December 2012 17.49.25 Michael Haschke wrote:
> Hello Kjetil,

Hi, and thanks for all responses!

> > My requirements are fairly light, except that it should do semwebby
> > goodness more or less out of the box. I will write a blog, but also
> > have a
> So, maybe you should give a more precise definition of "semwebby
> goodness" :) Only some microdata/rdfa enhancements, or content
> negotiation, or Web ID integration, or Linked Data aggregation, or
> semantic pingback, etc., ...

Yeah, I can see that. Basically, some annotations about title, author, some 
SKOS for categories, and a relevant piece of SIOC, would be nice. Also, 
Zemanta and/or RDFaCE would be nice too, but not very fancy. Pushing these 
data to my triple store is something I can do later.

> > blog, static pages, resume, bilinguality, Accept header
> > Debian. It should install, configure and then just work. The main
> > problem I
> I doubt that you can find -- even if you drop the SemWeb condition --
> a CMS what comes with everything you need out of the box without any
> work on your side. I guess you could find a CMS what can be enhanced
> with plugins and your own scripts to work like you described it.

Well, I didn't say no work. It may well require substantial work to 
configure to do what I want. I am however, not inclined to do development 
work at present, and I'm very disinclined to have a system that requires 
attention to maintain outside of the Debian security updates workflow. This 
also means that it is important that it doesn't break during this workflow.

> If you find a CMS what has everything build in out of the box, please
> let us know :)


So, there's a bit of tension between my desire to have a blog pretty soon, 
and what I want to develop. I would certainly be interested in developing 
something, but realistically, I have very little time for it, so it kinda 
stops there. 



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