Re: WebID Time Limit

I am fine with this Nathan. I can see a few things that are needed:

  - everybody to be present who is relevant 
    ( I suppose one could also do preparatory work in smaller groups, but I think we have done this now )
  - establishment of a process to go through issues so that we can reach consensus

I was hoping we could go over the wiki and try to remove issues that nobody cares about anymore for example, but that process does not seem to work.

On 7 Dec 2012, at 20:09, Nathan <> wrote:

> All,
> I'd like to propose that we pick the socially awkward issues of WebID and set a time limit on them. A time limit of the end of the year.
> A 2 hour meeting / skype / google hangout should be easily enough to resolve things and get consensus.
> We need to go in to 2013 with all of this behind us, and a clean productive slate ahead of us to really polish, implement, utilize and promote both WebID and WebID Protocol.
> Best,
> Nathan

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