Re: Brainstorming the Augmented Reality Create Message Use Case

On 12/2/12 1:04 PM, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> I was wondering if it were possible to brainstorm the use case that 
> Christene presented earlier today.  Click on the pdf for full details.
> Is there a standard ontology that can model this?  Maybe combine it 
> with linkedgeodata? (cc'd)
> User Story
> User is walking down the road with an AR enabled device.  User wants 
> to leave a message to express themselves in some way.
> Decide if public or private message.  Anonymous or signed.
> Create the message and position it (or vice/versa)
> Another person comes along and discovers and consumes the original 
> message in registration with the real world.  (Live AR View)

In a nutshell, an awesome use-case for RWW functionality. Ditto 
crowd-sourced data curation etc.

All the data ends up in an ACL protected document. Pingback 
notifications can also be automatically triggered to a social network.

All of this is possible, right now :-)



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