Re: An Architecture of a Distributed Semantic Social Network

On Wed, Apr 04, 2012 at 01:17:48PM +0200, Olivier Berger wrote:

> > here is a more recent one submitted to the Semantic Web journal for
> > publication in a special issue:
> >
> Excellent read :-)

Thank you. After three revisions I hope it will be published soon ...

> In terms of implementation, I've seen that you worked in PHP for OntoWiki
> [0], and AFAICT, you used/developed the Erfurt framework [1] which is an
> overlay of Zend Framework.

This is correct. The implementation was done as extensions of ontowiki.  The
corresponding github pages are [2] and [3].

> That seems quite interesting to me, as it allows to draw from all the goodies
> of Zend, and extending it for SemWeb features.

Yes. Erfurt can be used to fetch linked data, query sparql endpoints, manage
rdf stores with namespaces etc. it is similar to arc2 but has much more
features (in fact erfurt can use arc2 as a backend provider but this not faster
than our own sparql2mysql adapter).

> Are there any real life deployements of either of these, or is it mainly
> a research proof of concept ?

No, there are no public life deployments of the whole system. We use parts of
it (e.g. semantic pingback) a lot but not as a whole. The main parts of the
implementation are:

* a semantic pingback server / client (shipped with ontowiki),
* a pubsubhubbub server/callback (available at [4]),
* the dssn extension, which implements some special views and uses all components
  this is available at [5],
* and a activity php library to read/write activity streams from and to rdf [6]

Since is also implemented in php, I hope Norman can add pingback and
pubsub support to it with our existing code and libraries.

Best regards

Sebastian Tramp

> [0]
> [1]



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