Decision on CfC: Publish Remote Meetings as W3C Note


This Call for Consensus (CfC) received numerous messages of support, and
one message of objection.

With overwhelming support for publication this CfC is approved as a
consensus decision of APA (with objection) and publication will now

Pursuant to our published Decision Policy[1] we document that the
objection received from one responder claimed that no COGA publication is
cited by the Remote Meetings publication.  This objection is documented
in the following two email messages:

1.)	On Tuesday 5 July:

2.)	On Wednesday 6 July:

The rationale explaining how this document is organized and how COGA input was considered is documented here:

Furthermore, APA documents the receipt of COGA comments on our draft
publication, which were received in a Google Doc attached to a github issue
filed by a COGA Co-Facilitator in December 2021. Those comments and
their disposition are documented here:

We further note that <a href="">COGA's
Content Usable Note</a> is formally acknowledged in the bibliography of
Accessibility of Remote Meetings, and that such comment as was received
has been incorporated in the document.

Noting also that we can always update our publication, we have determined to
proceed with publication at this time and take up any proposed updates
in a subsequent version of this publication.

The head of thread for this CfC is here:

Janina and Matthew,
APA Co-Chairs


Janina Sajka writes:
> Colleagues:
> This is a Call for Consensus (CfC) to the Accessible Platform
> Architectures (APA) Working Group proposing  advancing our Research
> Questions Task Force (RQTF)
> developed document, Accessibility of Remote Meetings,  as a W3C Note. The draft to review for this CfC is here:
> RQTF's resolution requesting this publication is recorded here:
> As always with our CfCs, editorial corrections, such as spelling or
> grammar,  will be made as needed without further notice.  Please do draw
> our attention to any editorial issues you find in this draft.
> ***Action to Take***
> This CfC is now open for objection, comment, as well as statements of
> support via email. Silence will be interpreted as support, though
> messages of support are certainly welcome.
> If you object to this proposed action, or have comments concerning this
> proposal, please respond by replying on list to this message no later
> than 23:59 (Midnight) Boston Time, Friday 8 July.
> NOTE: This Call for Consensus is being conducted in accordance with the
> APA Decision Policy published at:
> Janina and Matthew
> -- 
> Janina Sajka
> The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
> Co-Chair, Accessible Platform Architectures


Janina Sajka (she/her/hers)

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Co-Chair, Accessible Platform Architectures

Received on Tuesday, 12 July 2022 10:17:21 UTC