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Accessibility of remote meetings - issues from TPAC to be filed

From: Scott Hollier <scott@hollier.info>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 08:21:23 +0000
To: "public-rqtf@w3.org" <public-rqtf@w3.org>
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To the RQTF

Hope all is well with everyone

Following up on my action item from our last RQTF meeting, below are the issues I've extracted from the TPACC meeting on the accessibility of remote meetings. Not sure how best to structure the comments to be put as filed issues, so happy to revise. I've basically taken the minutes and tried to extract the core request.

Here's what I've pulled out:

  *   Charles L: add content about the need for a specific UI area in remote meeting software so that captions don't hide screen shared content.
  *   Tzviya::  real-time translations of text and audio should be in scope for this document
  *   Rain: More detail on considerations of cognitive complexity as tools and larger platforms that integrate remote meetings are considered
  *   Rain: guidance on making sure people have enough time to get familiar with the platform and its features before a meeting starts
  *   Wilco: considerations relating to text size changes depending on the resolution being used by the presenter sharing their screen, ability to resize screen share
  *   Charles L: guidance recommending that remote meeting platforms allow the freezing of client side screen sharing so that users can zoom in without slide changing or rapid motion, then ability to catch up to present time.
  *   Daniel: guidance recommended for Braille support in remote meeting software.

I find filing GitHub issues a bit tricky with my colour scheme, so if someone could assist I'd be grateful, assuming the above summaries are okay.

Thanks everyone



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