RE: RQTF agenda+ XAUR editorial updates

In general, I think the introductory material proposed in this draft offers suitable explanatory background to readers who are not specialists in disabilities or accessibility. My only substantive comment, and this is relatively minor, is that the third list item under section 3.9 should be rewritten for clarity.

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Hi all,

In preparation for publication, I have made an editorial pass at the XAUR. I've not touched any of the user needs or requirements text just the background, supporting content etc. I've tidied up some text, made some edits to clarify and I think it reads much better.

These suggested edits are in this branch.;;sdata=87zgIb93LNwSXLq%2Fwegwu%2F173MSPfJ7A2IqqHatqeuY%3D&amp;reserved=0

Jason can we put this on the RQTF agenda for tomorrow to discuss?

All comments welcome, thanks


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