Re: FW: Verifiable Credentials: Top A11y Use Cases

Hi, Manu:

Thanks for your considered response on this particular use case. A
couple quick points:

*	You're correct that success for this use case will depend on the
*	ability to leverage infrastructure that's deployed for
*	high volume needs. This use case very much needs to take
*	advantage of what's being done for other reasons to succeed. I
*	suspect there's no disagreement among us on that.

*	Leveraging transfer of goods is certainly an interesting
*	possibility. I presume it's just as usable on incountry
*	transfers as at international borders? e.g. U.S. States
*	interested in controlling agricultural infestation would use the
*	same technology? I think of Hawaii certainly, but also
*	California/Nevada/New Mexico. I'm aware of agricultural controls
*	at all these borders at least with surface road vehicles. Hawaii
*	also limits service animal transport.

*	The documentation required for service animals is veterinary. So
*	there also needs to be a nexus for a veternarian to e-update an
*	animal's medical record. Currently this is the real bottleneck.
*	It's lots of paperwork that requires careful validation.

I list these because I want to make sure you're considering the last
item above as well. Without it, the use case breaks down.

You are welcome to contact me directly with any needs on this use case.
I'll be happy to assist and also to keep APA and our RQTF updated.



From: Manu Sporny <>
> Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 09:24
> To: Janina Sajka <>, Joe Andrieu <>
> Cc: W3C WAI Accessible Platform Architectures <>, <>
> Subject: Re: Verifiable Credentials: Top A11y Use Cases
> On 5/19/20 12:40 AM, Janina Sajka wrote:
> > The first listed use case: "1.2.1 Cross-Border Transfer of Service Dogs
> > and Comfort Animals" is the killer use case.
> As a related aside, my company (Digital Bazaar) has been working with
> U.S. Customs and Border Protection on the use of Verifiable Credentials
> and Decentralized Identifiers for goods entering the US.
> They would be in charge of processing the Verifiable Credentials that
> would be issued for the "Cross-Border Transfer of Service Dogs and
> Comfort Animals" use case. I'd like to gauge the level of interest from
> them, chase down who we might talk to about this internally at US CBP,
> and see if there may be funding for APA (or some coalition within APA)
> to pursue the use case.
> I'm not promising a rapid cycle on this... my expectation is that it'll
> take six months to a year to get to the right people and something
> testable/deployable. It'll be slow because it's government, not because
> of the technical challenge... but we should start now instead of waiting.
> Who should be the contact person in APA for that specific use case?
> -- manu
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