Re: Position papers, talks and session ideas for Maps for the Web/Machine Learning workshops

I would suggest starting with this paper, which may require an ACM subscription to access:

Some of the position papers for a workshop held last year have also been published:

I can also add this topic to next week’s already busy RQTF meeting agenda.

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Subject: Position papers, talks and session ideas for Maps for the Web/Machine Learning workshops
Hi all,

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As with our recent discussion about upcoming workshops in the APA group leads naturally to thoughts on creating a position papers, session ideas or submitting a talk.
I'm happy to work with some others on this and bounce around some ideas, and there was expression of interest on the call. Can you let me know if you are interested in contributing to these topics and some of your thoughts on both Machine Learning and Maps for the Web? Please feel free to start new threads.

Here are the URIs for the workshops and here are some important dates. For submitting a talk to the Machine Learning workshop, deadline is July 6th. [1]

There are a bunch of topics: [2]

What is interesting is that they are keen for a talk to stimulate discussion and ask questions, create synergies etc:
They say the talk should:

  *   brings specific perspective on the topic,
  *   identify what barriers may need to be lifted to make browsers a great platform for deploying machine learning applications and services, in particular those where interoperability and standadization are likely to play a role,
  *   shed light on specific aspects or questions the Program Committee will have raised in their review process,
  *   raise questions of their own that other Workshop participants may usefully provide input on.

This would be a good opportunity to present to those attending some of our accessibility related questions around Machine Learning.  If the person giving the talk end up being me, that's fine - lets collectively discuss what those questions/perspectives from APA should be.

For the Maps for the Web workshop they are asking for talk and session proposals, and also accepting position papers - application and suggestion deadline is 15th July. [3] [4]

For the position paper they want:

  *   A brief overview of your experience or background, as it relates to Web maps.
  *   Which aspects of Web maps you think would benefit (or not) from standardization, and why.
  *   Any specific use cases or requirements you have for standardized Web maps.
  *   Examples of best practices you think should be followed (or worst practices that should be avoided).
  *   Links to related supporting resources: standards, research, reports, explainers, software projects, or datasets.

Ok, I look forward to hearing some ideas and I aim to start to putting things together next week.



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