More XAUR comments that need discussion

Hi Jason,

Here are some more interesting XAUR comments (with notes from me)for 
discussion this week (or to add to the Q):
" '4.5 Interaction and target customization' -

These would be useful for people with sight loss as well. For example, 
4b, could be useful for people with tunnel vision or peripheral vision.
4c, again would help people with multiple disabilities including 
mobility and sight loss."

"User Need 5 -Again, extremely important for people with sight loss.

Add REQ 5b: Voice activation should preferably use native screen readers 
/ voice assistants rather than external devices to eliminate the 
additional step needed to pair devices.

Add REQ 5c: Feedback to the user must be audible or audible feedback 
must be an option to enable people with sight loss to use the voice 
interaction (i.e., a voice search feature must not display the results 
on the screen without an option to have them read out)."

New draft requirement: Req 7.b: Where it makes sense (such as in menus) 
interface elements can be enlarged and the menu reflowed to enhance the 
usability of the interface up to a certain magnification requirement.

"Interesting finding regarding enhanced sense of isolation when using a 
headset.  Use of these things is not a requirement and should be used - 
as needed to facilitate gestural interaction. This could be mediate via 
some other technology.

I like the use/suggestion of 'touch screen accessibility gestures on a 
second screen device' being used for navigation or even some other 
personalised type of interaction.

Relates to 4.10 "

Makes a point about some of the requirements being related but all based 
on  text-based content might be presented in an immersive environment - 
Suggests there should be one requirement for text personalisation  and 
one for transformation,


Emerging Web Technology Specialist/Accessibility (WAI/W3C)

Received on Tuesday, 28 April 2020 14:05:00 UTC