Re: Please read asap--reCAPTCHA rewritten

Hi, Judy:

Quick comment on one of your suggestions:

Judy Brewer writes:
> ...
> - 3.1.1. There are a few usages of "All" in this paragraph that are
> confusing -- "the language the browser is set to, All cookies" and then some
> subsequent usages; also around the same location, repeated use of "of
> course" with regard to data privacy seems confusing and possibly not up to
> date with latest practice

That passage is actually a quote from the hyperlinked article. Not sure
whether to rephrase, or put in quotation marks.

I initially dropped that section in expecting howls of protest from some
quarter, but yours is the first comment. Most notably, the lead
reCAPTCHA developer at Google didn't say word one about that section
when he wrote us a lovely email about what we were saying about
reCAPTCHA in the first wide review:

Finding a list of what "undergirds" reCAPTCHA took a bit of doing. The
above is far and away the most complete list I could find, and I'm
considering it must be accurate since those who'd be most likely to
scream bloody murder haven't voiced a peep while writing us about our


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