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Re: Please read asap--reCAPTCHA rewritten

From: Joshue O Connor <joconnor@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2019 15:06:17 +0100
To: Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net>, public-rqtf@w3.org
Cc: Ángel <angel@w3.16bits.net>
Message-ID: <ff87abc4-8dd6-7795-0fc7-ebf8eeca6f77@w3.org>
One small editorial..

In Paragraph 5 of 3.1.1 - Version 2: Are you a robot? - the para starts 
with a lower case o - 'on the the other hand'.

I suggest that you drop this anyway and start the para with "It now 
appears that audio CAPTCHAs.. [...]" it has more bite that way IMO.



On 17/05/2019 14:56, Janina Sajka wrote:
> Colleagues:
> Per our conversations on Wednesday's RQTF teleconference, I've edited
> our discussion of reCAPTCHA to use verbs that suggest mostly the past
> perfect and present progressive, i.e. things may have changed when
> people read our document a year or more from now. As we discussed, how
> long V. 2 remains available, despite it's wide current adoption, is
> completely up to Google. They can pull the switch on it anytime, as they
> have on audio reCAPTCHA even since our first wide review.
> https://w3c.github.io/apa/captcha/#the-google-recaptcha
> Please read as soon as you can. I'm hoping to get this locked down today
> so that I can also issue a Call for Consensus to APA as we also
> discussed.
> Note I'm also copying Angel who provided the following relevant comment:
> Ángel writes:
>> On 2019-05-14 at 15:13 -0400, Janina Sajka wrote:
>>   ...
>> The piece about reCAPTCHA V. 2 seems a bit inconsistent: it claims to be
>> "recent" (without specifying a date), but it's already gone. I suspect
>> it may be an old contribution that was left as-is. Could probably
>> improve by changing all this paragraph to past tense.
>>> One recent reCAPTCHA V. 2 innovation has seemed most promising. (...)
>>> Unfortunately, as of this writing it appears that audio CAPTCHAs
>>> previously available are now no longer being provided
>>> Google is intent that a traditional CAPTCHA not be the fallback
>> mechanism.
>> It could be rephrased eg.
>> "with the intent that the implemented fallback mechanism is not a
>> traditional CAPTCHA."
>> ...
> Janina
Emerging Web Technology Specialist/A11y (WAI/W3C)
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