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To Jason

+1 from me. Apologies again for my inability to dial in last night due to my prior meeting running overtime. I kept an eye on the iRC conversation and great to see how the meeting progressed. Should be fine for next week's call.


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From: White, Jason J <>
Sent: Thursday, 13 June 2019 4:27 AM
Subject: Conclusions of draft CAPTCHA Note

Having regard to the conversation that occurred at the meeting today, I reviewed the conclusions of the CAPTCHA Note, as currently drafted.

I think the conclusions already set forth all of the central observations that received overwhelming endorsement at the meeting today. In particular, the list of 5 major points(see the unordered list in the "conclusions" section) could be regarded as the basis of potential guidance to implementers.

My only suggestion is that we may wish to give these points greater emphasis, perhaps proceeding so far as to characterize them as essential findings to be borne in mind by web application developers. A subheading would suffice for this purpose, though other strategies would serve equally well.


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