RE: Accessible RTC Routing use case and Audio Device Client proposal from Web Audio Community Group

Thank you, Josh - this is interesting and appears to address some of the use cases which RQTF has discussed. I would expect the functionality described to be useful for both XR applications and real-time communication.

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Subject: Accessible RTC Routing use case and Audio Device Client proposal from Web Audio Community Group

Hi all,

For anyone tracking some of our discussion about Accessible RTC, and the Routing use case  [1] - this may be of interest. It from the 'Audio and Games' section of the Games Workshop report. [2]

There is an Audio Device Client (ADC) proposal, under incubation in the Web Audio Community Group, which aims to provide truly low-level audio input and output.  Audio Device Client is suggested as middle layer between the Web Audio API and the audio device used by the browser.

Here is the explainer for the Audio Device Client proposal;;sdata=Q3pkqug0as8v3H%2F2%2BMOEjfCsnJoOON1cHQ87e4F5qwQ%3D&amp;reserved=0

There are different features of the proposal including threading for
audio, but what is of interest is the suggestion to modify I/O buffers,
which could help with performance, some AT output does not need to be
high sample size/bitrate, and especially the ability to select audio I/O
devices via a MediaTrackConstraints pattern and modify the
inputDeviceId/outputDeviceId. You can also use suggested
inputChannelCount/outPutChannelCount properties as constraints on the
global Audio Object (that my reading anyway).

It is not meant to replace the Web Audio API but to function as a
customisable middleware and could be a way for people with disabilities
to manage bespoke/complex routing of multiple audio input and output
directly in the browser.






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