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Just following up on the action item from the RQTF meeting to review the current APA note on CATPCHA.  I've had a look and just wanted to throw in my two cents in preparation for our next meeting.

*         1.1 a false sense of security: much of the new data highlights that traditional CAPTCHAs can be defeated by automated bots after a few attempts reducing its applicability

*         E-mail verification: I can't see this mentioned specifically, and would be good to add in as good way to confirm the validity of a user account

*         Current trends towards alternative CAPTCHAs focus on visual identification images (.e.g. man vs woman, human vs Android) which again causes issues for blind/VI users

*         Google reCAPTCHA with 'I am a human' tickbox not currently mentioned, should be identified as a possibly accessible, or at least more accessible, alternative.

IMHO the biggest difference between the current document and an update is that the current document suggests that CAPTCHAs are largely the best option just not very accessible, while the literature now suggests that traditional CAPTCHAs are no longer accepted as being the best option, accessible or otherwise.


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