Re: [ISSUE-37] New proposal on RIF interoperation with XML data and XML Schemas

Michael Kifer wrote:
> You are proposing to treat element names as classes and element instances as
> member objects. But in XML (Schema, not DTD), the same element name can be used
> to represent different things at different levels. For instance, Name can be an
> element that describes people's names, company names, pet names. They all have
> different structure, and they can appear at different levels of nesting.
> So it does not make a good sense to just write ?x#ex:Name.

Yes. I have thought of that, too.

I concluded that, if your schema is done like that, then those elements/element names are unlikely to represent classes; and your rules are unlikely to test objects for membership in such non-classes; so, the rules will rather navigate the structure using the "child" relationships between elements, and thus the frames, starting from a higher level element as class, or even no class characterisation at all, like:

forall ?x ?y ?z, ?x[ex:name->?y] AND ?x[CEO->?z]AND ?z[ex:name->johnDoe]...

But, again, this is just a draft proposal: it can certainly be improved a thousand way, if it looks like it is worth it...



Received on Monday, 16 March 2009 20:13:44 UTC