[FLD] Review of editor's draft 18 May 08

Harold, Michael,

I have very few remarks, actually; and none of real consequence (except 
that I still do not understand why if signature a < b, all the arrow 
expressions in b must be included in a and not the reverse, but that is 
not really a comment on the document :-)

- In the overview, the last sentence in the bullet re symbol spaces, is 
still confusing: "some symbol spaces can be used to represent objects 
and their lexical space consists of string that syntactically look like 
IRIs (e.g., rif:iri) [...]"

- 3.6, in the definition of "impoerted document", typo;

- 4, fist bullet: "normative" mapping from a non-normative PS to a 
normative XML syntax?

Plus a question mark on a couple sentences related to the status of FLD 
("dialect are required to specialize/be derived from FLD"), and that's all!

Great work, really.


Received on Monday, 26 May 2008 08:03:34 UTC