abbreviations in xml tags (was Re: Using Rigid RDF...)

> >>>          <Var name=3D"Buyer"/>
> Why not: <Variable name="Buyer"/> - i.e., use the FULL English word.


> >>>         <Const>
> Although, (again!), I prefer 'Constant' to 'Const'.


> As I said before, I'd be willing to accept 'op' and 'arg(s)' as opposed
> my preference; viz., 'operator' and 'argument(s)'.

This is a different issue, orthogonal to RDF, I think, and is part of
Naming Conventions (ISSUE-49).  ["Should we use long names or
abbrevations for the XML tags in the XML syntax (e.g. Var or
Variable)?"]  This issue is not listed as being critical path, I guess
because it includes more general elements ["Generally, what are the
naming conventions/principles?"].

But, yes, we need to decide "Var" vs "Variable" at this F2F meeting.  

(For myself, I don't really care either way.   I don't find either
side's arguments compelling.)

   -- Sandro

Received on Wednesday, 14 May 2008 18:05:26 UTC